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A New Materiality

Press. Release.

Press.  Release.

Object Permanence Project is nervous, awed, and proud to present its maiden exhibition, A New Materiality,in Istanbul, Turkey, on the first of June; and again, two weeks later, on June 15th, in Mali Lošinj, Croatia. Object Permanence Project is an exploration of the relocation of the physicality of art. It is a questioning of borders and ideologies of space & place. This project was born of a desire to extract art from some of its more oppressive geopolitical niches. Subverting the urge to locate documentation of work online in lieu of traditional physical representation, OPP animates a net of real sites as ”the gallery.” To that end, OPP hopes to challenge artists’ trust in object permanence, and to plant context outside of place; to find the crossing point from nowhere into anywhere.   A New Materiality marks the first of what will be an annual transplantation of arts from one actual space into another.   One question at the project’s core is, in all of its abstraction and all of its simplicity: where is art?


A New Materiality

Presented By: Object Permanence Project

June 1st Cibali Art House, Istanbul, Turkey Seferikoz Sokak, 34083 Istanbul, Turkey: starting at 16:00

June 15th ŠKVER Experimental Arts Festival Mali Lošinj, Croatia.

            Is seeing believing?  Lately, we have been preoccupied with the idea of material realness in the face of a new normalization of physical absence.  Today, there is no there there; or, at least, there is less there there.  At a time when the immaterial seems more real than bodies, we wonder what this means and how it transforms our perceptions of realness. The specific difference between physical presence and virtual presence is the common space of interest for the artists in this show.

            By materiality, we mean physical materiality and the subsequent sensory experiences that come from an awareness of physical material properties within space. We  ask the audience what can be learned from this experience which would otherwise have been lost in a virtual milieu. Materiality is not so much a matter of belief in what is; rather, it is the experience of things. Physical materiality engages the senses through a disturbance of bodies. In a world that gives so much preference to screen-mediated visual experiences, we have chosen to emphasize the physically material.

            In keeping with the context of Object Permanence Project, both of the venues are non-traditional, physical locations where the works will be experienced in real time by an audience of bodies.  This is not an online gallery. The website hosts documentation of the events, nothing more.  Most of the artists will never experience their work installed. For this reason, we ask them - and you - to believe that it continues to exist and to trust that the documentation is real.

Artists for A New Materiality include Zak Cushing, Israel Lund, Rebecca Ruth Peel, and Elizabeth Jaeger; and Taryn Tomasello and Morgan Reedy; and The Oppulent Project, Lia Griesser, and Chris Kirkley; and the inimitable Kyle Raquipiso.  These individuals live and make art in New York, Istanbul, Mali, Tucson, and Portland, Oregon.

In Turkey, A New Materiality will be shown at the Cibali Arthouse, near the tomb of Abdulkadir Dede.  In Croatia, the art will be shown in a shipyard on an island in the Adriatic, within the context of the annual ŠKVER festival.

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On the right: Taryn Tomasello @ Multiplex

On the right: Taryn Tomasello @ Multiplex

On the right: Taryn Tomasello @ Multiplex.

On the right: Taryn Tomasello @ Multiplex.

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